The focus of each workshop is on you and your artistic process. In preparation for, and during the workshops, you will develop your narrative as an artist, as well as explore how to use the techniques I teach to expand the repertoire of your expression. You will walk away with a piece that is wholly your own.


Workshop: Texture Junkie


From course natural elements to grooved uneven pinstriping, I'm inspired by textures both naturally occurring and human-made. I abuse the sugar that covers my cakes every chance I get, surrendering to the inevitable cracks and tears from manipulation. I believe art should reveal the hand of the artist, and these imperfections expose the path of the artist's choices and movements. By learning some of my signature techniques (such as manipulating fondant to look like unpolished granite, crackling, course stone, bas relief, patina, etc.), you will play with ways to achieve different effects, then compose the samples into a final mosaic-style piece. You'll identify what interests you in different parts of the samples you created, which is insight into your unique artistry. You'll make many nuanced design decisions in the process of composing a complete piece, while we discuss in a group setting. 
You'll create a final piece that demonstrates your unique design choices and the style of your hand.

Includes a beautiful handmade apron, breakfast, coffee, lunch, and all class materials

A webinar of this course is also available for purchase at If I Made. This 2.5 hour webinar covers a portion of the class material from the in-person workshop "Texture Junkie"

Stay tuned for a new If I Made course coming soon!


February 25th & 26th, 2018 - Texture Junkie - San Francisco, CA (U.S.A.)

March 12th, 2018 - Texture Junkie - Jacksonville, OR (U.S.A.)

March 14th, 2018- Texture Junkie- Seattle, WA (USA)

March 15th & 16th, 2018 - Texture Junkie - Seattle, WA (U.S.A.)

April 22nd & 23rd, 2018 - Texture Junkie - San Francisco, CA (U.S.A.)


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Private Instruction



Learning isn't simply about being bestowed with new skills; the conversations of an in-person learning setting are much more personal than reading a book or watching a video tutorial. My hope is that working with me, discussing your artistic path, and exploring our shared art form together, will help "scaffold" your techniques and unique expression. The content of the one-on-one time can vary and be customized to your interests, as our focus will be on you and your artistic process. I will be your witness and guide. You'll create a final piece that demonstrates your unique design choices and the style of your hand. Your piece will be professionally photographed and you will learn tips on how to photograph your own work.

Includes breakfast pastries, coffee, lunch, and afternoon snack

You will also receive a handmade apron and a gift


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 December 2017 Workshop

December 2017 Workshop