"Play is the free spirit of exploration- doing and being for its own pure joy."    
-Stephen Nachmanovitch

Photo by Wendy K Yalom

Photo by Wendy K Yalom

I was born in San Francisco and am a self=proclaimed texture junkie. I come from a formal art background, a B.A. in Cognitive Science, a M.A. in Psychology, and an experienced palette for novel flavors and ingredient combinations. Shaped by culinary and artistic innovation, my city upbringing has cultivated in me an appreciation for complexity; playing with the balance of soft and edgy, sweet and salty, solid and diaphanous, vintage and modern, light and dark, aging and creating.  After many years cultivating my skills and my identity as an artist, you'll find my designs to be sensitive, organic, and fresh, with a look that is both clean and natural.

The aging process is fascinating to me, how elements change in relationship to time and their environment. I draw a lot of inspiration from how materials form, blossom, develop, decompose, and preserve. I am inspired by mother nature, but I don't have to follow her rules.

 I'm moved by novelty, delicacy, and vibrancy.

I believe art should reveal the hand of the artist.