Photo by Wendy K Yalom

Photo by Wendy K Yalom

I was born sensitive and playful in San Francisco in 1981. After a formal art background, a mural-painting business, and a B.A. in Cognitive Science, I started my cake studio in 2006, then concurrently returned to school for a M.A. in Psychology. I’m often asked if and how my master’s degree contributes to my cake business. I find it extremely relevant to my work and life, in part because it’s now part of my identity, a trained tool of sensitivity. This influences the creative process both in making cakes and working with real people.

I believe there is a certain degree of readiness necessary to become an artist. Rules are for students to hone skills; when I found I was ready to challenge tradition and convention, that's when I found freedom. It was an identity shift and for me it happened almost 8 years into my business. The process continues to coagulate each year during the slow season, when I get to take a breath in the winter and make space for exploring new forms and other potentials of my media. When I visualize new cake designs, I break boundaries in my mind, soaring into the abstract, but when I create for my business, with sugar in hand, I reign in until it's just palatable enough to be relatable, but novel enough to titillate. 

I believe art should reveal the hand of the artist.


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